‘Global March to Jerusalem’ participants praise “moral” government of Iran

The South-East Asian delegation of the Global March to Jerusalem should by now have left Iran and moved on to Turkey.

However, according to the caravan’s resident roving reporter Kunal Majumder, some of its members are again having problems obtaining the necessary paperwork. This time the Turkish government appears to have denied entry visas to delegates from Afghanistan and Pakistan. Those delegates will apparently now skip the Turkish leg of the voyage and re-join the delegation in Beirut.

Majumder voices strong criticism of those countries which have exercised their right not to allow entry to certain individuals.

“How serious are Asian countries about Palestine? Most importantly, how serious are Islamic countries about Palestine? Having been on board the pro-Palestine caravan Global March to Jerusalem (GMJ) since 9 March, it amazes me how countries that publicly claim to support the Palestinian cause are doing the maximum damage to weaken the movement.”

In contrast, Majumder has nothing but praise for one country through which the caravan has passed:

“It was astounding to see the contradiction between the claims of many Asian countries— most of them Islamic—on their support for the Palestinian cause and the reality, which couldn’t have been more stark. Iran, of course, is the only country that has come out openly in support of the march. From the president of the country to the speaker of the parliament, to governors of provinces to mayors of cities—almost everywhere the caravan received widespread support. However, organisers have been clear about one thing—support has to be only moral. “We will not accept any political support as it will defeat our purpose,” says Roohulla Rizvi, one of the organisers of the Iranian leg of the event.”

Roohulla Rizvi (also Rezvi) is also a veteran of the 2010 Asia to Gaza convoy who appears to have much more than connections of mere ‘moral support’ with the Iranian regime.

Here he is in February 2012 at the ‘Conference of Youth and Islamic Awakening’ in Iran.

An insight into Majumder’s enthusiastic descriptions of Iranian hospitality can be obtained from some of the pictures of the GMJ delegation’s reception in that country which illustrate the obviously symbiotic relationship between the GMJ admirers of the Iranian regime and their patrons.

The thousands of Iranians murdered, tortured, raped and imprisoned by the current Iranian regime may of course have somewhat different views of its ‘hospitality’ and commitment to justice. 


6 comments on “‘Global March to Jerusalem’ participants praise “moral” government of Iran

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