Neturei Karta endorses Global March to Jerusalem

The Global March to Jerusalem is orchestrated by a whole host of seemingly incompatible groups including Sunnis and Shiites, extreme Leftists and extreme Rightists, ardent secularists and religious fundamentalists, terrorists and men and women of the cloth.

The one common denominator between all these groups – which under normal circumstances would have little if any incentive to co-operate – is expressed by self-appointed spokesman for the Jewish people Yisrael Dovid Weiss (representative of the miniscule fringe sect Neturei Karta) in the filmed address below made to a GMJ fundraising dinner held in Ottawa on March 23rd.  

Weiss explains his sect’s reason for supporting the Global March to Jerusalem as part of their aim to see the “speedy and peaceful dismantling of the State of Israel”. That wish (at least the speedy and dismantling parts) is in fact the bond between all the unlikely collaborators involved in organising and supporting the march. 

And, here’s Neturei Karta expressing support for GMJ on Twitter:


8 comments on “Neturei Karta endorses Global March to Jerusalem

    • you helping arabs goals to detroy Israel and AM ISRAL… every one of you remember the miracles that have done for us for centuries up to this day…

      remember that a jew is immortal….remember how many big nations GD destroy for us .how many time we raised from ashes to life,. we still here and there gone just waht will happen to you and everyone who share you ignorant stupid Ideology

      May GD punishs you in every way possible .. take out your stupid bear and jewish clothes ,, we do not want you to read OUR TORAH>>>> I WANT YOU TO LIVE IN GAZA AND READ THE CORAN be a killer like them and join them.. why you want to be a jew??? to hurt GD ……. live us alone and the torah go live in Iran!! who are you to tell us what is in our beloved Torah???????????????
      I love sionism and kall am Israel…. DO NOT READ OUR TORAH !!!!!!!!!! you make me SICK, may GD destro you first and your followers.. he will B;H he will
      first of all the torah forbid lashon ara .. that what you are doing .. you are a athiest
      you nobody… when you read the Torah think about your next home HELLLLLLL
      Moche Rabbinou..told to GD if you do not forgive my people erase me from the torah!!! you here killing the jew in the name of the torah??? or are worst the islamist wwho kill innocent poeple even their own on the name of ALLAHHHH
      you are them.. we jew reject you like we reject previous Jew like you……

      read the miracles that happen in 67 war that the arabs wont talk about and read the miracle of youm kippour was when the syrian so a hand from the sky stoping them…

      get out of our lives go to mosque do not go to sinaguoge where the shekhina is not there..
      I dispises you and your followers……….
      before the 30 GD will show again his miracles .. you and your followers will desapeasr like the roman greek nazi and so on….
      you worthless man you worst them AMElEK , if I see you I will spit on your face….

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  3. Shame on you !!!!
    when Hitler was killing all the Jew / no one has saved them except for our state of Israel
    reread your torah/ hen GD said that I will bring you from the 4 corners of the world to the land of Israel and he did

    I am ashamed to have jew like you who will go to hell BH

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