Ahmad Zainuddin

Ahmad Zainuddin is the Indonesian co-ordinator of the GMJ and sits on its International Central Committee. He is a member of the Indonesian parliament, representing the conservative Islamic ‘Prosperous Justice Party’ – of which he was a founder – and which, according to him, has the goal of “carrying out Shariah in Indonesia”.

According to the GMJ website, Zainuddin is also chair of the parliamentary group ‘Friendship of Indonesia to Palestine’ and a member of ASPAC (Asia Pacific Community Conference for Palestine) which in 2011 organised a conference in Jakarta attended by George Galloway, who told the participants (at 4.53 in the video below) they had to make “a choice in this between Washington and Al Aqsa”, that “Al Aqsa … is in the hands of foreigners” and that “you are either with the foreigners or you are with the Palestinians”.