Anti-Imperialista Camp

The European chapter of the GMJ represents a text-book example of what the Reut Institute termed the ‘red-green alliance’ in 2010. The radical Leftist ‘Anti-Imperialist Camp’ is promoting support for and participation in the Global March to Jerusalem.

In 2007 the Anti-Imperialist Camp (based in Italy, but with branches in other European countries) organized a conference in Tuscany entitled “With the Resistance for a Just Peace in the Middle East”.

“The speakers were varied, from well-known representatives of the nationalist Iraqi Resistance like Abdul Jabbar al Kubaysi to Ali Fayyad, one of leading theoreticians of the Lebanese Hezbollah, Maoists in the Left Radicals of Afghanistan, anti-collaborationist fractions of the old Iraqi Communist Party, Islamist professors, anti war activists, academics, and journalists.”

Anti-Imperialist Camp organisers of the GMJ:

Moreno Pasquinelli  (Italy)

Wilhelm Langthaler (Austria)

Daniela di Marco (Italy)