Ayman Masoud

Ayman Masoud is a member of the GMJ International Central Committee. According to the GMJ website, Masoud is deputy chairman of the Al Quds International Institution (aka Foundation) in Beirut. The parent organisation of all the various Al Quds Foundations is headed by Yusuf Qaradawi of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Beirut branch produces annual reports reports entitled ‘Eye on Al Aqsa’ which purport to document “Israeli offences and violations against the Mosque”.

In January 2010 Beirut hosted the 7thconference of Al Quds International (in the UNESCO conference hall) at which warnings were issued concerning “Zionist schemes in Jerusalem”.

“In a closing statement, Al-Quds institution strongly denounced Israel for its persistence in Judaizing Jerusalem through confiscating lands, demolishing homes, expanding settlements and changing the Islamic-Christian landmarks.”

“It also deplored the excavation conducted by Israel under the Aqsa Mosque and the Old City of Jerusalem which led to serious cave-ins in the Mosque and its surrounding areas.”

The Institution’s secretary general, Dr. Muhammed Akram Adlouni reportedly stated that “[t]hey want it to be Jerusalem, but we would like it to be al-Quds, and it won’t be but al-Quds.”