Mohd Tahir Abd Rahman

Mohd Tahir Bin Abdul Rahman

Mohd Tahir Abd Rahman is a member of the GMJ International Central Committee and the chair of GMJ Malaysia. He is also secretary of the board of trustees of ‘Aqsa Syarif Malaysia’ which in 2011 organized the A2G2 mission to Gaza in which he took part.  His (and his fellow travellers’) impressions of the trip can be read here.

“The meeting with the Palestinian fighters twitched my heart. There are those with maimed hands, missing legs and crippled limbs. We were so touched that we shed our tears. But the Mujahideen right away said: “Don’t cry.
“We do not need your tears here. What’s important is your do’a so that we will remain strong here to keep on fighting for your masjid.

“Send our salam to the people of Malaysia. Please believe in this struggle so that we can together defend the rights of the Islamic ummah.”
Those Mujahideen smiled. We were amazed by the richness of their spirit. They do not mind, they are ready to sacrifice their lives anytime for the sake of defending the rights of the Muslims. Ouch! I feel so tiny when compared to the spirit of their jihad.
Not only the adults, even the small children there have a big ambition. Just ask those children, what do they want to be when they grow up?
Their answer is, we want to be Mujahids! Their enthusiasm and the educations that had been fed in them are so intense. “