The European radical Leftist ‘Anti-Imperialist Camp’ is promoting support for and participation in the Global March to Jerusalem by means of the following rhetoric:

“Jerusalem has been a centre of the three monotheistic world religions for more than 1,000 years. This plurality has been threatened since the creation of the state of Israel and more so with the occupation of east Jerusalem and its annexation, in violation of international law. Jerusalem’s Palestinian inhabitants are subjected to a continuous process of expulsion from the city.”

“85% of its territory has been robbed by foreign settlers, while the Israeli state systematically destroys the livelihood of Palestinians. Every day, the Apartheid state of Israel demolishes Palestinian homes. Armed Israeli gangs, supported by the state, terrorise the old city’s inhabitants demanding, “Arabs out, Jerusalem is Jewish!” Jewish religious fanatics even attack Jewish women if they don’t abide by the rules emanating from their extremist interpretation of religion. All this is happening while the people of the Arab world are clamouring for democracy and self-determination.”


“After decades of submission to a world order dominated by NATO and Israel, the Arab masses have begun to rid themselves of their dependent and dictatorial regimes.”


“The sole reaction of the last settler colony in the world to the growing protest is increased brutality. The Apartheid state of Israel is hastening to create more facts on the ground, particularly in Jerusalem, before the balance of forces in the region turns completely against them. Once again, Israel’s claim to be the only democracy in the Middle East is exposed to be a racist fallacy – as only Jewish citizens are entitled to it.”

Other organisers from different parts of the world have also voiced their views of the march’s objectives.

Dr. Ribhi Halloum, general coordinator of GMJ, said in an interview he gave in December 2011 prior to the recent  GMJ conference in that country that “[t]he protest aims to move the right of return possessed by Palestinian refugees from theory to practice”.

Obviously, such a stance negates the internationally accepted principle of a negotiated end to the conflict culminating in a two-state solution.

Feroze Mithiborwala and Sandeep Pandey, both currently involved in promotion and organisation of the Asian chapter of the GMJ, have described it as an attempt to “counter the Judaisation of Jerusalem”.

“The past year has witnessed great upheavals across the world, where the masses are challenging the neo-liberal imperialist paradigm & clearly the US-Israeli Empire is on the retreat. And it is precisely the Palestine-Israeli imbroglio that stands at the centre of the geo-political crisis. For over a period of nine decades, the Palestinian resistance has stood at the very vanguard of the global struggle against imperialism & Zionism.”


“After the Asian Convoy to Gaza, we Indians & Asians, reassessed our strategy in the aftermath of the Arab Spring & over a period of 10 months, in a series of consultative meetings with the Palestinians, the key Arab & international allies, it was decided that it was now time to counter the Judaisation of Jerusalem & stand in solidarity with the Palestinian masses.”


“The objective of the GMJ is to raise the global consciousness& awareness on the threat to Jerusalem, posed by the incessant Judaisation & the Settlement Blocks , as well as the monstrous Apartheid Wall , which have cut-off Jerusalem from the West Bank.”

The repeated employment of the term ‘Judaisation of Jerusalem’ is clearly designed to negate thousands of years of Jewish history in that city.

Feroze Mithiborwala  is also of the opinion that:

“..the Arab Revolution presents new possibilities & the epic 94-year-old struggle of the Palestinian people, a proud & ancient nation, which has inspired the world for generations, will finally see a new awakening & with it, a new hope, a new Intifada, the Third Intifada!!”

“It is only the resistance on the ground, within Palestine, across the Palestine diaspora, across the Arab nations & then across the entire world, will we finally witness the rebirth of a nation.”

Such a viewpoint hardly seems consistent with the march organisers’ official statements describing it as ‘peaceful protest’ and indeed one cannot but wonder what safeguards they have put in place in order to ensure that their desired one million participants will indeed adhere to non-violence.

Salim Ghafouri from Iran acted as spokesman for the Asia to Gaza convoy. According to him, the “war with the Zionists” is not only an “Islamic-Zionist war,” but the showdown between the “truth,” represented by “the freedom-loving people of the world,” and the “lie,” represented by Israel and its supporters.

Indeed, when the Asia to Gaza convoy with which Ghafouri was involved was received in the Iranian Parliament in 2010, cries of ‘Death to Israel’ were shouted in four languages according to a FARS news agency report from 14/12/2010.

Iran's FARS News Agency, December 14, 2010 

Shaheen Kattiparambil, together with Pandey and Mithiborwala, issued this statement on behalf of of the Indian chapter of GMJ following its meeting on January 23rd2012. All three, along with the Student Islamic Organisation of India of which Kattiparambil is a member, are endorsers of the statement by the ‘India Lifeline to Gaza’ according to which:

“The Palestinian people must have the freedom to exercise their right to self-determination including their right to establish on all the territories that Israel has occupied, an independent sovereign state with Jerusalem as its capital. The structure of Zionist apartheid, based on ethno-religious discrimination that Israel has established, must be dismantled and it must grant equal rights to all its citizens, including the “Right of Return” to the Palestinians refugees.”

Clearly that statement promotes the annihilation of Israel as an objective.

Cartoon on the GMJ website

Picture posted on the official GMJ Facebook account in Arabic on 24/2/2012. Captioned “While you were sleeping”.