Supporting Organizations

The following is a partial list of Middle Eastern organizations that have, according to GMJ, endorsed the Global March to Jerusalem:


Society for Defense of Palestinian Nation (جمعیت دفاع از ملت فلسطین)

International Union of Unified Ummah (اتحادیه بین المللی امت واحده)

Society of Iranian Jews (جامعه کلیمیان ایران)

Union of Islamic World Students (مجمع اتحاد دانشجویان جهان اسلام)

Student’s Justice Seeking Movement (جنبش عدالتخواه دانشجویی)

Independent Islamic Association of Student (انجمن اسلامی دانشجویان مستقل سراسر کشور)

Union of Student’s Islamic Society (اتحادیه جامعه اسلامی دانشجویان سراسر کشور)

Quds News Agency (خبرگزاری قدس)

Iran’s Technology Analysts Network (شبکه تحلیل گران تکنولوژی ایران)

Campaign of One Month for Palestine (کمپین جهانی یک ماه برای فلسطین)

Movement of Islamic World Students (جنبش دانشجویان جهان اسلام)

Islamic Dialogue Institute (موسسه گفتگوی دینی)

Pure Islam Association (مجمع اسلام ناب)

Home of Latin America in Iran (خانه آمریکای لاتین)

Arman Cultural center (موسسه فرهنگی آرمان)

Iran’s Bayan Association (انجمن بیان ایران)

Foundation of “Sobhe Qarib” (بنیاد صبح قریب)

Varsin Cultural Center (موسسه وارثین)

Association of Muslim Bloggers (مجمع وبلاگ نویسان مسلمان)

Institute of “Nedaye Zeyton” (موسسه ندای زیتون)

Cultural Institute of “Khizesh-e-no” (موسسه فرهنگی خیزش نو)

Institute of “Mashar” (موسسه مشعر)

Commemoration Board of Islamic World’s Martyrdoms (ستاد پاسداشت شهدای جهان اسلام)


Al-Rowwad Cultural and Theatre Training Cent

Al-Walaja Popular Resistance Committee

The Alternative Information Center

BADIL Resource Center for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights

Beit Ummar Popular Resistance Committee

Bil’in Popular Resistance Committee

Friends of Freedom and Justice, Bil’in

Handala Center

Holy Land Trust

International Solidarity Movement

Nebi Saleh Popular Resistance Committee

Ni’lin Popular Resistance Committee

Palestinian Centre for Rapprochement between People

Palestinian Grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign

Palestine Justice Network

Palestine Solidarity Project

Popular Struggle Coordinating Committee

Siraj Center for Holy Land Studies

Youth Against Settlements (Hebron)

Youth Activity Center – Aida Camp

The International Solidarity Initiative

Palestine National Initiative

European Organizations

The following is a partial list of European organizations that have, according to GMJ, endorsed the Global March to Jerusalem:

Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC)

Stop the War Coalition

British Muslim Initiative (BMI)

Friends of Al-Aqsa

The Islamic Forum of Europe (UK branch)

Viva Palestina

Muslim Association of Britain (MAB)

Palestinian Forum in Britain (PFB)

The Association of Palestinian Community (APC)

The Palestinian Embassy in the UK

North American Organizations

The following is a partial list of North American organizations that have, according to GMJ, endorsed the Global March to Jerusalem:

Al-Awda, The Palestine Right to Return Coalition

American Indian Movement – West

Bay Area Women in Black

Campaign to End Israeli Apartheid – Southern California

Canadian Arab Federation

Canadian Peace Alliance

Free Palestine Committee, National Lawyers Guild

Free Palestine Movement

Friends of Sabeel – Hawaii

Hamilton Coalition to stop the War

Hilton Head for Peace

Independent Jewish Voices

International Committee, National Lawyers GuildInternational Solidarity Movement Bard College

International Solidarity Movement Northern California

Leadership Team of Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls, MN

Middle East Crisis Response

Middle East Study Group

Middle Eastern Student Association (MESA) York University

Muslim American Society Immigrant Justice Center

Our Neighbors in Palestine

Palestine House

Palestinian American Congress

Palestinian Association of Brantford

Palestinian Association of Hamilton

Resource Center for Nonviolence

San Jose Peace & Justice Center


United Progressives

U.S. Dominican Palestine Coordinating Committee

Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club

Alliance of Concerned Jewish Canadians