Paul Larudee

Paul Larudee

Paul Larudee is a member of both the GMJ International Executive Committee and its International Central Committee. He is one of the founders of the ‘Free Gaza’ and ‘Free Palestine’ movements as well as the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) with which he was active during the second Intifada. Larudee took part in the 2008 and 2010 flotillas, was deported from Israel in 2006 for trying to enter the country under a false identity and allegedly volunteered as a ‘human shield’ for Hizballah during the second Lebanon war. He was also one of the organisers of last year’s ‘flytilla’.

Here he is meeting Ismail Haniyeh in Gaza in 2008 (from whom he also received an award the following year) – second from the left on the front row.

Paul Larudee with Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh

On February 26th 2012 Iran’s FARS news agency ran an interview with Paul Larudee in which he reportedly stated that:

“Today, the world has a chance to stop an ethnic cleansing project in Jerusalem that has been underway since at least 1967, and, in the larger context, for more than a century.”

“The fact that the city is sacred to 4 billion Christians, Muslims and Jews seem to have made little difference. In fact, the West – and especially the US – have been accomplices in this crime.”

“It is called “Judaization,” which is alleged not to be carrying the same stigma as “apartheid,” “ethnic cleansing,” “segregation,” and other terms that have been used to describe the elimination of one people in favor of another. It should. Racist policies by any name are equally despicable.”

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In an article published at the popular anti-Zionist website Mondoweiss, Larudee wrote:

we are hopeful that [the Global March to Jerusalem] will mark a major shift toward an inexorable popular demand to restore all human rights for all Palestinians and to put an end to the “Judaization” ethnic cleansing project in Palestine that has stained human history for more than a century.

The GMJ North America website is soliciting tax-exempt donations for the project via the ‘Free Palestine Movement’ which is headed by Paul Larudee.