Sara Marusek

Sarah Murasek

Sara (Sarah) Marusek sits on the GMJ International Central Committee and is the US delegate to the GMJ. She is a doctoral candidate at Syracuse University in New York.

Currently living in Lebanon, (and having previously lived in Iran) Marusek is a board member of the ‘Palestine Civil Rights Campaign – Lebanon’ and active with the ‘Right to Return Committee in Lebanon‘. According to the GMJ website, she also works with ‘Viva Palestina Arabia’, which of course is the organizer of the ‘Summer University of Palestine’ held annually in Lebanon.

Marusek also appears to have connections with the ISM, having issued a press release on its behalf together with Amith Gupta who runs the Bard College (NY) branch of the ISM and is also involved with the North American chapter of GMJ. Her personal blog includes an English translation of a speech by Hizballah’s Hassan Nasrallah and updates on preparations for the Global March on Jerusalem.