Global March to Jerusalem rally in Morocco includes chant ‘In blood we’ll redeem Jerusalem’

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On March 25th a demonstration “in support of Jerusalem” held in Rabat, Morocco, attracted a reported 100,000 participants. Protesters also stormed the parliament building in which a meeting of EUROMED was taking place and the Israeli delegate had to be taken out via a side door and rushed to the airport under heavy security.

 Morocco’s majority Islamist ‘Justice and Development Party’ boycotted the meeting and was also apparently the organiser of the demonstration.

“One of the organizers told the press that the people no longer trusted the leadership to deal with the Palestinian issue, and they would therefore take matters into their own hands, beginning with the upcoming Global March on Jerusalem on Friday.”

The protesters chanted “The people want to free Al Aqsa” and “A million martyrs are going to Jerusalem”. Israeli flags were burned. According to a Moroccan Arabic-speaking source asked by this writer to examine the video, there are also chants of “The Moroccan nation supports Palestine” and “In blood we will redeem Jerusalem”. 

Update: according to a report from Al Arabiya, the presence of an Israeli representative at the EUROMED meeting was condemned by Khaled Sofiani of the National Action Group to Support Iraq and Palestine. Sofiani (also spelt Soufiyani or Soufiani) is the Global March to Jerusalem coordinator in Morocco.

‘Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe’ issues rallying call supporting Global March to Jerusalem

In a manner reminiscent of the way some animals and birds puff themselves up in order to appear larger to their adversaries, organisations associated with various organisers of the Global March to Jerusalem are issuing endorsements and statements which, at first glance, suggest a much wider support base than actually exists.

Into this category falls the March 22nd communique issued by the Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe (FIOE) and reproduced on the GMJ website. The press release opens:

“The Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe (FIOE) invites Muslims, and the management bodies of organisations, Islamic centres, and mosques across the European Continent to dedicate the last week in March 2012 to intensive activities in support of the city of Jerusalem (al-Quds) and the blessed al-Aqsa Mosque, given the escalating Israeli threats to the city, its holy sites, and the Palestinian inhabitants.

This initiative comes as part of worldwide efforts to support the just cause of Jerusalem, including the ’Global March to Jerusalem’ on 30 March 2012 in opposition to Israeli occupation and prevailing for the values of truth, justice, liberties of peoples, and human dignity.

The Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe (FIOE) voices its deep concern regarding the situation in the city of Jerusalem, and the violations of the sanctity of the blessed al-Aqsa Mosque, and Muslim and Christian holy sites by the Israeli Occupation and its extremist groups. Furthermore, the Federation affirms its solidarity with the Palestinian people, demanding they be allowed to regain their stolen rights, and realise their legitimate demands. The Federation emphasises the importance of universal, concerted effort and cooperation to confront the arrogance of the Israeli occupation persisting in its unrestrained and aggressive policies against the city of Jerusalem and its inhabitants, as well as engaging in effective action to bring an end to these flagrant violations.”

Logo – FIOE

The FIOE is, however, hardly an objective bystander. It is the umbrella organization of Muslim Brotherhood groups in Europe, with much of its funding coming from Gulf sources.   Several of the GMJ organisers are functionaries of one or more of those groups or branches of the Ikhwan elsewhere whilst still others among the GMJ organisers are members of or associated with Hamas – a Muslim Brotherhood offshoot.

In addition, the FIOE has ties to groups and personalities engaged in fundraising for Hamas.

Head of the Dublin-based ‘European Council for Fatwa and Research – established by FIOE in 1997 – is Yusuf Qaradawi, who also heads the ‘Union of Good’ which is banned by Israel and the United States because of its provision of funds to Hamas – a proscribed terror organization.

The ‘Union of Good’ includes the owners of the Mavi Marmara – the IHH – (representatives of which are among the GMJ organisers) and a British charity named ‘Education Aid for Palestinians’ of which GMJ spokesman Zaher Birawi is a trustee.

Qaradawi is of course noted for his extreme anti-Semitism, admiration for Hitler and homophobia. He resides in Qatar, where he has a regular slot on the regime-owned TV station Al Jazeera, and has recently been banned from entering France. 

The FIOE’s expression of support for the Global March to Jerusalem is, therefore, akin to a glowing review of a book on Amazon written by the author’s mother. 

Hizballah site promotes Holocaust-denying Global March to Jerusalem organizer

The Hizballah website ‘Moqawama’ features an interview with the GMJ media co-ordinator in Lebanon, Dr Abdul Malik Sukaryeh.

The interview’s introduction is written in typical dramatic Hizballah style:

“To there, they head.

Blood on the palms, eyes to the land, and hearts’ beats race the path. From all over the Globe they came with the same goal and one loud cry.

Al-Quds was, is, and will remain Palestinian.

Choosing an unprecedented path, they launched their move. From the close borders with Palestine they are to fulfill a dream and reiterate a vow.

“We’re to be back and pray in al-Aqsa Mosque and the Resurrection Church.”
March 30th, 1976: “Israel” massacred dozens of Palestinians striking “Israeli” decision to confiscate Palestinian lands. It was “Land Day”.

36 years later, freedom and justice seekers from all over the world gathered in a Global March to commemorate the anniversary and to raise a scream against “Israeli” continuous occupation of al-Quds Holy city.

In the body of the interview, Abdul Malik Sukaryeh stated:

“The move aims at redirecting the compass towards Occupied Palestine.”

“Amid what our region is witnessing, the Palestinian news have become at the end of our priorities and bulletins; this if Palestine was even mentioned.”

 “What Palestine is facing, particularly the Holy al-Quds city is much more dangerous than any development in any other Arab country,”

“The aim of participants is to draw attention to the systematic discrimination of Palestinians in al-Quds, and to make a concrete effort to end the occupation.”

“As the successive “Israeli” governments have created policies with one goal in mind: to get and keep Palestinians out of their homeland as well as to make way for a purely Jewish state; many Arab and Western governments stand idly by and watch as Palestinians endure systematic dispossession and displacement,” 

Sukaryeh went on to elaborate on the technical aspects of the march:

“Mass rallies will take place in bordering countries (Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan) and inside Occupied Palestine. However, Egyptian rallies are to be held in Liberty Square.”

“Part of the Global March will seize the “Israeli” embassies in Western, African, and Asian countries by protests that reflect the real nature of this suppressing terrorist entity,” 

He added that:

“Certain parties are pressuring to absent Syria from the global march scene under political pretexts,”

“The national Syrian committee is continuing its preparations as part of the move.”

“There are more than 700,000 Palestinian refugees in Syria who- with all the national Syrians, are to commemorate the anniversary of “Land Day” and to reassure their commitment to the genuine central cause; Palestine,” 

One cannot but wonder if Syrians engaged in the year-long struggle against Bashar Assad’s regime would agree with Sukaryeh’s priorities, but his statement does provide insight into the fact that any events on the Syrian border with Israel on March 30th will certainly be orchestrated and approved by the incumbent Hizballah and Iran-backed regime in Damascus.

Sukaryeh then went on to invoke the scepter of imaginary Israeli threats against the marchers – engaging in Holocaust denial along the way. (emphasis added)

“On the crossroads of hard choices, participants in the Global March to al-Quds are ready to face with their screams, banners, and position all types of “Israeli” brutality.

“Israel fears us,” Sukaryeh responded to “Israeli” threats of confronting the protesters with an iron fist.

“The Zionist front is witnessing a state of panic and dread. We estimate that the march has succeeded even before it started.” “

Sukaryeh recalled images from the flotilla “Israeli” massacre and May 2011 martyrs at the borders with Lebanon and Syria, wondering:

“Is ‘Israel’ going to massacre us? What is the international price for such an “Israeli” step? How much would “Israel” massacre, a thousand, or 10,000 civilians. This would be genocide, a real Holocaust not a pretended one.”

“The history of the Zionist entity is full of crimes and terrorism. We won’t be surprised if “Israel” attacks the peaceful protesters but we aren’t afraid and nothing will defeat our will even if the “Israeli” fulfilled its threats of air striking the rally. We are to continue,” the media organizer stressed.

Clearly, some GMJ organisers are actually seeking a violent confrontation which would serve their publicity purposes and provide an opportunity for further assaults on Israel’s legitimacy in bodies such as the UNHRC. Sukaryeh also reflects the approach voiced by some of the other non-Western organisers of the march according to which, the project aims to be the first leg of a ‘third Intifada’.

“He further noted that “Israel” fears a 3rd Intifada” welcoming “any public movement that redirects the priorities.”

“The so-called Madrid peace conference in which 100 countries gathered has achieved nothing along the past 20 years. Oslo offered nothing to the Palestinians. In front of the “Israeli” intransigence, one can see that Palestinians have nothing but to return to confronting the “Israeli” aggressions,” he stressed.”

Interestingly, Sukaryeh claimed that the GMJ project does not have its roots in the Middle East:

“What characterizes this move is that it was initiated and called for by international prominent and respected cultural, political, religious, academic, and sports figures from all over the world. It was not an event first launched by Palestinians or Arabs,”

This statement contrasts directly with that of GMJ organizer Paul Larudee who wrote:

“We hear some of the same arguments: that the project is too risky and confrontational. However, it is also true that the project was not the brainchild of any of these solidarity groups, or even of their Palestinian allies. Instead, it came from groups that represent large numbers of Palestinians – including many from the Palestinian expatriate communities in the border countries, such as the refugee camps, the Islamic movements and the supporters of armed resistance groups.”

What Larudee and Sukaryeh do have in common, however, is a somewhat strange definition of non-violence, which does not appear to include the storming and illegal infiltration of the borders of a sovereign country or trespassing in its diplomatic missions worldwide. Here is Larudee writing about GMJ plans in an ISM newsletter from December of last year. (emphasis added)

“The movement has no illusions about the difficulties, and its participants are not suicidal.  The plan is to challenge every part of every border – Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Gaza and the West Bank – to march peacefully to Jerusalem.  We will have hundreds of separate, imaginative plans for hundreds of separate groups, to overcome the obstacles at as many points of entry as possible, often creating our own entry points.  We will also have multiple contingency plans in case we are thwarted in some areas, as will inevitably be the case.  In many cases, the march may devolve into “Occupy” encampments and demonstrations.  Whatever happens, we will learn from it and make improvements the following year, for what we intend will be an annual event.”

Global March to Jerusalem SE Asia delegation arrives in Pakistan

The South-East Asian delegation of the Global March to Jerusalem arrived earlier this week in Pakistan and, after a press conference at the Karachi Press Club, was given a warm reception at a dinner held on March 12th by members of the hardline Islamist party Jamaat-e-Islami, the Palestine Liberation Foundation Pakistan (PLF-P). 

(Note the Hizballah logo on the scarf of the Palestine Foundation representative seated on the left.)

On March 13th the delegates visited the mausoleum of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah in the company of the Palestinian representative in Pakistan, members of the Palestine Liberation Foundation-Pakistan and Jamaat-e-Islami. 

According to reports:

“The participants had banners in hands and flags of different countries and scarves around their necks to symbolise unity with the Palestinians. They chanted slogans including “Free Palestine”, “Free Kashmir”, “Down with Israel”, “Down with the US”, and “al Qudus for All.”

The South-East Asia delegation to the Global March to Jerusalem is comprised of 42 members from Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and India. A further 27 delegates from Pakistan will be joining it before it continues on its way to Iran on March 15th. The Pakistani contingent is made up of members of Students of Palestine in Pakistan (General Union of Palestinian Students) and the Palestine Liberation Foundation – Pakistan.

In 2010 the PLF –P organised an ‘International Palestine Conference at which Osama Hamdan of the Hamas politburo gave a recorded address.

“Osama Hamdan, warned that Zionist regime of Tel Aviv was quite close to destroying Al-Aqsa mosque as it had been digging dangerous tunnels under the historic Muslim site for the last ten years. With the help of tunnels, Tel Aviv wanted to show the world that Al Aqsa mosque was demolished by natural causes, paving way for building their alleged Temple in its place which has been Zionists’ centuries-old dream, he added.”

GMJ International Executive Committee and International Central Committee member Feroze Mithiborwala took part in other conferences organized by the PLF –P in 2011.

The PLF-P also appears to have connections to George Galloway according to one of its Facebook accounts:

The same account also links to the Facebook account of the leader of the Iranian regime, Khamenei. 

Incitement & antisemitism on main Global March to Jerusalem Facebook page

Incitement in pictures from the official GMJ Facebook account in English:

From the official GMJ Facebook account in Arabic

Caption: إلى متى الصمت؟؟ هل سننتظر إلى ان تتكرر هذه الجريمه؟؟
How much longer are we gonna be silent??? Are we going to wait until this crime happens again???

Photo of Alaqsa mosque burned by Zionists in 21-08-1969

(The Mosque was in fact set on fire by an Australian Christian, later found to be mentally ill.)

Caption: Our compass points to the Return To Jerusalem and ALL OF PALESTINE.. FROM RIVER TO SEA.

Caption: Save Jerusalem… Save Palestine.. From River to Sea..

Malaysian Islamists within Global March to Jerusalem leadership organize anti-Zionist ‘flashmob’

On Friday, March 2nd 2012, members of the Malaysian Islamist organisation ‘Aqsa Syarif’ (also Aqsa Sharif), which is a member of the official GMJ organising body in that country, organised a ‘flashmob’ outside the Al Amaniah Mosque, Selayang (Batu Caves) in order to (according to their description) “create awareness on Palestinian issues and in support of Global March to Jerusalem”.

The chair of Aqsa Syarif – Mohd Tahir Abd Rahman – is also chair of GMJ Malaysia and a member of the GMJ Central Committee.  Aqsa Syarif has collaborated with ‘Viva Palestina Malaysia’ and the IHH on a convoy to Gaza. Last year Aqsa Syarif held a fundraising dinner at which the keynote speaker was Hamas activist Azzam Tamimi. Also in 2011 representatives of the organisation also went on a speaking tour to Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany.

“My husband and I express my deepest gratitude and appreciation to all Malaysian students in the Czech Republic, Germany and Poland for wanting to invite Aqsa Sharif to give explanations about the struggle to free Al-Aqsa Mosque and Palestine.”

Below are pictures of the ‘flashmob’ event taken from the official Facebook account of GMJ Malaysia. 

‘Global March to Jerusalem’: An Attempt to “unravel the Zionist edifice”

The following essay was originally published at The Jewish Press

The Global March to Jerusalem (GMJ) on March 30 (a date which commemorates what’s known as Palestinian Land Day), is a high-profile provocation involving groups of international “activists” who intend to set out from Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt and converge upon Israel’s borders demanding the “right” to reach Jerusalem.

Concurrently, they also plan to “besiege Israeli embassies over the world”

The broader aims of GMJ, according to the project’s official website, are as follows:

 “[To] end the Apartheid, ethnic cleansing and [racist]…Judaisation policies affecting the people, land and sanctity of Jerusalem… [which] is a crime not only against Palestinians but against all humanity”

The site further claims that their efforts “will ward off Israel’s threat to world peace through the ‘Judaization’ of the holy City”.

The organizers are a conglomerate of individuals and groups representing the ‘red-green alliance.

The Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, the government of IranHezbollah, Islamic JihadWestern Islamists, the extreme left, and radical NGOs have united with the aim of engineering a PR disaster for Israel and advancing their long-term assault on the legitimacy of the Jewish state.

However, the broader goal of GMJ needs to be understood, and certainly shouldn’t come as a surprise to those who understand the malevolence of those involved in such delegitimization campaigns.

One of the organizers of the march wrote the following in an email to a fellow activist about their intentions:

 “The point is that how do we build a movement that compels the governments of Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon & Syria to let us in (which is easy) & then let us march across the borders into Palestine, challenging the Israeli army…Imagine a situation where we have more than a million people streaming in from four borders & Israel fails to stop the human tide. Once we have broken this mental barrier, then it’s all over. Next time we will have 5 million who will be marching in & it will only grow from there. This is exactly the nightmare situation for Israel.  Thus [we] will undermine the Israeli state, like no other strategy & then it will all begin to unravel & the Zionist edifice which is unraveling as we speak, will soon fall. It’s a matter of time now, as we well know.”

Unlike other such campaigns in the past, such as the “Nakba Day” protests on Israel’s borders last May, GMJ doesn’t even attempt to maintain the veneer of fighting for Palestinian rights

Obviously Israel, like any other sovereign country, can’t permit mass infiltration of its borders, especially by terrorists and other enemies committed to its destruction. The results are therefore likely to be even graver than the violent consequences of the organized Syrian attempt to infiltrate Israel’s northern borders in June 2011 – an event which marked the 44th anniversary of the Arab “downfall” in the Six Day War, known as “Naksa Day”.

The GMJ event also needs to be seen in the context of the recent International Conference for the Defense of Jerusalem in Qatar (Feb 26-27), where Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, addressing attendees during the first day of the conference, called on Muslims to go to Jerusalem and confront Israel’s accelerated efforts to “Judaize the city”. Abbas reportedly even claimed that Israel intended to destroy the Aksa Mosque.

As with the 2nd Palestinian Intifada, which claimed over 1000 Israeli lives between 2000 and 2004, and which was largely precipitated by calls from Palestinian leaders to defend the Al-Aqsa mosque (which they claimed was under Israeli attack), the cynical exploitation of issues relating to Jerusalem always has the capacity to incite Palestinians, and provoke riots, violence and bloodshed.

Such potentially dangerous conflagrations clearly represent scenarios the march’s organizers are counting on.