Member of Hamas Terror Cell on Global March to Jerusalem Promotional Tour in South Africa

The South African chapter of the Global March to Jerusalem is dominated by the Muslim Judicial Council (MJC) which is a member of Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi’s ‘Union of Good’ and is headed by Sheikh Ihsaan Hendricks.

It therefore comes as little surprise to find a convicted member of a Hamas terrorist cell currently in South Africa on a combined promotional tour in support of the Global March to Jerusalem and ‘Israel Apartheid Week’.

Abdul Aziz Umar (also spelt עבד אל-עזיז עמרו) claims to have been sentenced to seven life sentences plus 30 years “on charges of spreading ‘new and strange ideas’ in his intellectual and academic works”.

In fact he was part of the Hamas terror cell which perpetrated the suicide bombing at Café Hillel in Jerusalem on September 9th 2003 in which seven people were murdered, including Dr. David Appelbaum – head of the Emergency Department at Sha’are Tsedek Hospital – and his daughter Nava who was to be married the next day. In addition, 64 people were injured in the attack.  

Umar was released from prison as part of the deal for the release of Gilad Shalit in October 2011. 

As reported by the MJC’s broadcasting arm, ‘The Voice of the Cape‘:

“Umar is using his life-story as the impetus for South Africans to protest Israeli occupation and to be alerted to the atrocities committed against Palestinians. He hopes to drive this message during his South African tour as he promotes the Global March to Jerusalem (GM2J) set to take place on 30 March. He said the unified march was of utmost importance, as it would be the historical movement of masses of people of different nations.”

“It is a global march that will cross Africa, Asia and Europe even America. In Palestine and Gaza, this march represents the movement of history,” he said. “The Arab uprising was a turning point for the entire world. Now the world must wake-up and all say in one voice -a voice of faith – the occupation in Palestine and of Masjidul Aqsa must end. It is time for the occupation to be dismantled and come to an end forever.”