Closing Statement at International Conference for the Defence of Al Quds (Doha, Feb. 26/27, 2012)

Gulf Times, 28/2/12: 

“Addressing the closing session, Sheikh Ahmed said the conference furnished an opportunity for an in-depth assessment of all the measures taken by Israel aimed at obliterating the holy city’s Arab and Islamic nature and its human and religious heritage.”

“Sheikh Ahmed hoped that the recommendations and the Doha declaration would lead to the revival of the cause of the holy city in the hearts of the Arab and Muslim peoples and other peace-loving nations as a national and humanitarian issue.”

“Sheikh Ahmed thanked the participants, noting that their contribution crowned the efforts exercised to defend the holy city, the eternal capital of the state of Palestine.”

More on the Doha declaration here.

An additional article in the same newspaper reports on the findings of the conference’s ‘history panel’: 

“The committee concerned with Al-Quds and its history, reviewed yesterday a number of documents that go back to the times of the Ottoman Empire, which clearly reveal that the Israelis have no heritage in Al-Quds.”

“The committee’s members said that as a result, history must be reviewed without “falsification”. The members of the committee also said that the claim of Palestine being the promised land was a “trick” that has no basis in history.”

“The committee included a number of historians, priests and rabbis who exchanged their knowledge of Al-Quds. They called for displaying the documents to the world to let the international community to know the real history of the holy city of Al-Quds.”  (more)