Global March to Jerusalem participant Mansour Kiaei Tweets “Death to Israel”

Courtesy of self-described Iranian “human rights activist” Mansour Kiaei on Twitter, we have pictures of the SE Asia delegation of the Global March to Jerusalem, of which he is part, on the Turkish leg of its journey. Written commentary from another member of the delegation describing the journey – including the demonstration outside the residence of the Israeli Ambassador – can be read here.

* An example of a Tweet by a ‘human rights activist’:

(Note the yellow Hizballah and black Islamic Jihad flags)

Global March to Jerusalem’s official website backs terrorists in latest violence from Gaza

The official Global March to Jerusalem website issued a condemnation of what it termed “criminal Israeli assassinations of Gaza civilians” on March 13th, referring of course to last weekend’s actions to stop the firing of hundreds of missiles at Israeli civilians.

“We, the Global March to Jerusalem, condemn the Zionist campaign of killing Palestinian citizens and imprisoning the Palestinians of Gaza in an open-air prison, just as we condemn the continued occupation of Palestinian land and the intentional destruction and Judaisation of Jerusalem, as well as all of historic Palestine.”

In fact, contrary to the GMJ statement, the vast majority of those who died were not civilians, but terrorists actively involved in perpetrating attacks on Israeli civilians. Fourteen of the people killed were members of the proscribed Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror organization and six were members of the Popular Resistance Committees.

Of the six others killed in the latest bout of fighting, at least two appear to have been used as human shields by terrorists, one died as a result of gun-fire at a Gaza funeral and another appears to have been carrying or operating some sort of explosive device.

Given the prominent involvement of the Iranian regime in the Global March to Jerusalem project it is hardly surprising that the GMJ organisers would find it necessary to express support for the Iranian-backed and financed Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Popular Resistance Committees which were the main players in the latest round of terror attacks on Israeli civilians.  

The GMJ organisers’ whitewashing of Iranian sub-contracted terror groups in Gaza does, however, expose its much-touted commitment to ‘non-violent protest’ as a farce.