Statement by Afghani endorsers of ‘Global March to Jerusalem’

Canadian journalist Terry Glavin puts the Global March to Jerusalem into perspective on International Women’s Day. 

Here is the list of Afghani endorsers of the march referred to in the above article which put out the following joint statement: (all errors in the original text)

“Jerusalem is the bloodied heart of the Islamic world. Jerusalem, the place which is a representative of the existence of the religion and culture of Islam has been under the boots of despotism and occupation for more than 60 years. Our faithful brothers and sisters have been bloodthirstily sent to thier deaths by the hands of Zionism and international Crusades. For six decades the people of these lands have been driven out of thier homes, the conspiracies of the arrogant powers have rendered thier homes demolished and thier land has been usurped. Millions of refugees, who are citizens of Palestine, have been driven far from thier territories and a combination of all these factors has created a major catastrophe in the Midle East. It is obvious that the clear religion of Islam, with decisive arguments from the book of God and his Prophet (P.B.U.H), does not tolerate these terrible crimes. It is also apparent that our dear Islam has made clear what our responsibilities are in light of the divine constitutions. 60 years of deadly silence constrasting with the power of the Arab Middle East has been against the direction of the actions of an Islamic nation. In these 60 years the rulers and statesman of Islamic countries have had plenty of time which has been put to waste.

However, luckily the last ten years have resulted in the emergences of a different plot, this bieng the result  of the establishent of popular governments and the falling of those hands which were connected with colonialism. Especially the flooding by these popular revolutions of the last strongholds, or embassy (or “den of spying”),  in the Islamic countries showed us that this regime is no more in a position where it can create more enemies from amongst the Muslims.

Dear brothers and sisters!

Taking into account all of the above, the Islamic circuits in Afghanistan  with the Islamic Movement of Afghanistan and the Council of the Friends of Jerusalem have united in one voice and have answered positively to your call. We will not hesitate in our selflesness or co-operation to make sure the goals set out by this group are made into reality. The same way that the Islamic Movement of Afghanistan has praised and taken this reasonable step, it invites all the Muslim brothers and sisters of Afghanistan, Islamic world and other Muslims worldwide to wish good luck (to this movmenet) and we desire that they co-operate and assist  this caravan till it has reached that which it has set out for.”