Palestinian Mission in UK promotes Global March to Jerusalem

Despite the Global March to Jerusalem’s clearly expressed rejection of a negotiated two-state solution to the conflict, the Palestinian Mission in the United Kingdom has cross-posted the following announcement from the Palestine Solidarity Campaign on its official website:

The Palestinian Mission page then provides readers with recommended action.

What you can do: 

  1. Sign our petition  to put pressure on the UK Government to take action over Israel’s ethnic cleansing and settlements in East Jerusalem. This petition will be handed in to Downing Street on 30th March
  2. Lobby your MP to sign the EDM on the status of Jerusalem.
  3. Join us on the 30th March for a rally outside the Israeli Embassy!

Source: PSC

Global March to Jerusalem, Ismael Patel, Friends of Al Aqsa & Muslim Brotherhood

Ismael Patel’s ‘Friends of Al Aqsa‘ organization from the UK recently put out an advertisement for a demonstration outside the Israeli embassy in London on March 30th, as promoted earlier by the PSC’s Sarah Colborne.  

The demonstration is described in the publicity as “part of the Global March to Jerusalem” and is advertised as being called by the Palestinian Forum in Britain, the Muslim Association of Britain, the Association of Palestinian Community, the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, the Stop the War Coalition, the Islamic Forum of Europe, the British Muslim Initiative, Viva Palestina and of course, Friends of Al Aqsa.

(Sharp-eyed readers will have noticed incidentally that the ‘Friends of Al Aqsa’ web-page upon which this advertisement appears also carries advertising at the bottom for charities connected to the Muslim Brotherhood’s ‘Union of Good’ (headed by Yusuf Qaradawi) which is proscribed by the United States and Israel due to its funding of Hamas.)

International Conference for the Defence of Occupied Jerusalem

The Emir of Qatar will host an international conference in Doha on February 26th & 27th 2012 on the subject of ‘the defence of Al Quds’. According to the Gulf Times, “[t]he conference will tackle ways to rescue Jerusalem and the Arab vision against the Israeli plan”.

The official conference website states that among the subjects to be discussed is ‘Jerusalem and History’:

“This theme reviews the succeeding periods of Jerusalem’s rich History. It aims at pointing out the weaknesses of the Jew’s historical arguments backing their claims to the holy city. Of paramount importance is the disclosure of Israel’s deeds at falsifying History and archeology by means of destruction, omission, modification and fabrication of historical and archeological facts. By contrast, an emphasis should be put on the overwhelming set of evidence spread across the city showing its rooted past as an inalienable part of Palestine and a holy place for the divine religions.”

The list of participants in the conference includes GMJ organisers  Ghada Karmi and Ismail Patel. The UK Palestine Solidarity Campaign – a GMJ supporter – will be represented by Hilary Wise and its patron Baroness Jenny Tonge will also be present.

Update: for analysis of the conference see here.