Global March to Jerusalem organisation inside Israel

Whilst much of the focus concerning the Global March to Jerusalem has been on the subject of organisation along Israel’s borders, events are scheduled to take place inside Israel and the Palestinian Authority controlled territories too.

Among the GMJ organisers are Mohammed Zeidan of the Higher Arab Monitoring Committee, Saeed Yaqeen and Jamal Juma’a of ‘Stop the Wall’ and Salah Al-Khawaja of the ‘Nil’in Popular Resistance Committee’. The Global March to Jerusalem is endorsed by Raed Salah – leader of the Hamas-linked Northern Islamic Movement – who was banned from entering the UK last year. Some 20 or so Palestinian organisations are backing the Global March to Jerusalem.

On March 26th a meeting was held in Ramallah to co-ordinate GMJ actions on Friday March 30th. Note the reference to “our people in occupied Palestine in 48”: terminology used by those who reject Israel’s existence.

“The meeting also addressed the need to organize the largest possible number of popular rallies in all Palestinian sites as a fulfillment for each drop of blood bled from a martyr or wounded and to every prisoner’s sigh lost freedom while defending our land to preserve its Arab identity. The Commission emphasized on the need for an active popular participation in the CENTRAL PEACEFUL MARCHES ” THE GLOBAL MARCH TO JERUSALEM” which begins after Friday prayers at 12:30 at Qalandia military checkpoint the North Gate of Jerusalem, the march of Bethlehem next to the apartheid wall, the march in our capital Jerusalem which will start marching from Damascus gate, as well as the march of our people in the occupied Palestine in 48 in Sakhnin and Deir Hanna, all these marches will coincide with the Global March to Jerusalem which will be launched in a number of Arab and international countries the same time.”

The website ‘Arabs 48’  suggests that demonstrations are also scheduled to take place in Kfar Kanna, ‘Arrabe and the Negev, as well as in Jaffa on Saturday. 

Turkish delights for the Global March to Jerusalem in Istanbul.

As previously reported, the SE Asia delegation of the Global March to Jerusalem (which has picked up some Iranian fellow travellers along the way) is currently in Turkey.

One of the Iranian delegates has provided photographs of the caravan’s reception at a sports centre in Istanbul on March 25th.

The event appears to have been hosted by the Turkish organisation ‘Mazlumder’ – otherwise known as ‘The Organisation of Human Rights and Solidarity for Oppressed Peoples’.

Mazlumder is part of the Muslim Brotherhood’s network in Turkey. It was founded in 1991 and declares itself to be associated with Islamist organisations tied to Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, Iran and the Jamaat-e-Islami of Pakistan. Its chairman, Ahmet Faruk Unsal was an AKP member of parliament from 2002-2007 and is also a senior member of the Hamas supporting organization, IHH.

Mazlumder collaborated with the IHH and George Galloway’s ‘Viva Palestina’ on a 2010 convoy to Gaza, where its chairman Unsal was received by Hamas  leader Ismail Haniyeh, along with the IHH’s head Bulent Yildirim. Also present on the convoy was GMJ spokesman and known Hamas activist Zaher Birawi.  Ahmet Unsal also took part in the 2009 ‘Masjid Al Aqsa Symposium’  in Istanbul together with Raed Salah.

The wording on the banners decorating the reception’s venue therefore comes as little of a surprise.

Global March to Jerusalem: Latest Supporters

Predictably, the Mondoweiss blog has come out in favour of the GMJ, with a post by the Cairo GMJ representative and Occupy Oakland activist Noura Khouri (also a former staff member of the American Friends Service Committee and Badil and a member of Paul Larudees ‘Free Palestine’ movement ) following a previous one by Larudee.

Khouri’s article was duly reproduced on the official GMJ website.

The latest list of ‘VIP’ members of the GMJ Advisory Board as publicized on the official GMJ website on March 6th has on it several new names including Neta Golan of the ISM, Atallah Hanna, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Bishop Hilarion Capucci (a former flotilla participant and convicted gun-runner for terrorists) , Dr. Jeremiah Wright, Dr. Mahathir Mohammed, Ronnie Kasrils and Raed Salah.

Here is Archbishop Atallah Hanna – spokesman of the Greek Orthodox Church in Palestine – speaking at an Al Awda conference: